Fees For Cooking Classes

Fees For Cooking Classes – Groups

  • Rs 10,000 – for any 10 classes.
  • Rs. 1,500 – for a single group class

Fees For Private Cooking Classes: Include either lunch or dinner. 5-6 recipes. 

  • Rs. 4,000 – for 1 person
  • Rs. 7,000 – for 2 persons
  • Rs. 10,000 – for 3 persons
  • Rs. 11,500 – for 4 persons

Note, for group classes:

  1. Group Class Timings: Starting at 10 am. Most classes last 3-4 hours
  2. All cooking classes are mostly held on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. However, for larger groups, weekday classes can also be arranged.
  4. If you sign up for 10 classes, I will attempt to complete them as soon as possible.
  5. Printed copies of recipes, in English, will be provided before each class.
  6. Considerable time and research has been spent on all recipes, making them very precise.
  7. It is strongly recommended that students practice cooking at home.
  8. Taking notes during class is encouraged, so that you can remember minor details when you prepare the dishes on your own.
  9. Students will be updated by SMS on upcoming classes. You must confirm your attendance for the class so preparations can be made accordingly.
  10. Every student will be allowed a grace of two classes if absent. Beyond this, you will have to forfeit that class.
  11. Students must carry 5-6 leak-proof containers so that they can carry back what they prepare.
  12. All dishes are purely vegetarian.

Note, for private classes:

  1. Private classes for foreign travellers, bachelors/bachelorettes, students travelling abroad, airline staff, home maids, home cooks, and others can also be organized.
  2. For private classes, a custom class is designed basis your requirements and what you need to learn. This can include: Recipes, understanding ingredients, how to shop for Indian spices and vegetables, planning a menu, etc.
  3. For maids and cooks: I can also teach them on managing a kitchen, planning a menu for the day/week, how to store food, general cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen, how to plan ingredient and food quantities, etc.
  4. If you have a specific requirement, we can always discuss it over a call and plan a schedule for it.